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Top charts

On Helpfugames there are public top charts where logged-in students can see their positions in the top charts. For many students these lists may be encouraging to continue playing, but for some students, it may take away the joy of gaming. ...

Audio with speech synthesis in the game

In many games it's possible to have questions and answers read aloud. It's shown with a clickable icon where available. An example is shown below. By clicking on the sound icon, the text in that box will be read out in your device's speakers. The ...

Move student to new group

Follow this guide if you want to move a student from one group to another group. If you don't want to move the student, but let the student be included in both groups, you can also follow this guide, but skip the second part below. Log in as the ...

Reward achievement with a gold star

If you want to reward your student with a gold star, do the following: Log in as the student's teacher or parent. Click on Reports. Click on Achievements. Select group and either all students or a certain student. Select the type of achievements you ...

Hide the games target groups for a student

If you don't want a student to see which age a specific game is suited for, it's possible to hide that for the student. This can be useful if some students eg. is on a different level than their classmates, or if you use Helpfulgames in other ...

Missing e-mail message from Helpful Games

Have you requested a new password or are expecting an invitation to a group or student, but don't get the e-mail message? Our e-mails can take up to 10 minutes to send. We ask you first of all to wait 15 minutes before proceeding to the next step. ...

Enter student email addresses

It is possible to connect a student's e-mail address to the student's Helpful Games account. The purpose of doing this is for being able to do the following: Let the student log on via Google, Facebook or Microsoft, if the e-mail address is ...

Invite a colleague to your group

On Helpful Games, it is easy to collaborate with colleagues. To achieve this, you should invite (or be invited by) other teachers to groups. This is how you can invite another teacher to one of your groups: Log in as a teacher. Click on the Students ...

Apply plus membership on students

If you order a plus membership you will receive an invoice containing an activation code. The following instructions describe how to apply your plus membership to your students: Log in with the user who has an active plus membership and access to ...

Activate plus membership

If you order a plus membership you will receive an invoice containing an activation code. If you purchase the plus membership via PayPal, you will receive a confirmation email with the activation code. The following instructions describe how to ...
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