Create student accounts from Excel

Do you have many classes to import and add to groups on Helpful Games? Use our function to create student accounts from Excel. You can find the import function by following the steps below.

Do not use this feature to add students from an existing group on Helpful Games – the students will then get two different accounts on Helpful Games! Instead, use the function to add student from another group.

  1. Sign in as a teacher or parent.
  2. Click on Students.
  3. Choose to create a new group or click on the name of an existing group.
    1. If creating a new group: Enter class or group name and school name followed by clicking on the button Save.
  4. Make sure you are on the Students tab. Click the Add new student button, then New and then Import from Excel.
  5. Choose data file for import, grade of the students and how they should be able to access games.
  6. Click the Create student accounts button.
  7. New  student accounts will now be created for all students in the data file and they will been added to the selected group. Please click on the Export password list button to distribute the usernames and passwords to the students.

Format of data file

The import file must contain certain columns. Simply, you can create a data file template by clicking the Export password list button while in the newly created group. Then you download a file with the required columns already specified. The columns that must be included in the file are:

  • First name
    • The student’s first name. Must be included for each student.
  • Last name
    • The student’s last name. Not mandatory to fill this column with data.
  • E-mail address
    • The student’s e-mail address. Not mandatory to fill this column with data.

The first row must contain the above values, which are then used to match the subsequent rows of the import file. We have also created an template for creating student accounts on Helpful Games.