New word game and game type

Now there is a new type of game where you have to figure out a hidden English word. The game is similar to Mastermind where the player must figure out color codes. Here it’s English words that must be figured […]

Exercise your brain in a new game

It was a while since we created a game in the Brain training category, but we hope the game Copycat will be appreciated. Play the game here:

New game for practicing times tables

Now there is a new game to practice multiplication. It’s called Find the factor and you are supposed to find the missing factor when you get the other factor and the product. The game can be mixed with the ordinary […]

New clock game

Our clock games have been popular and now we’ve made a new game, Match clocks, that combines the training of the digital clock with the training of the analog clock. You see either a digital or analog clock and your […]

Practice capitalization and punctuation marks in a new game

Now there is a new game that let you practice the use of upper case letters and punctuation marks: Correct punctuation. In addition, by playing the game you also practice other punctuation marks; such as exclamation marks, question marks and […]

New phonics game

Now there’s a game that practice letter sounds, aka phonetics. It is the same game play as in the game that practice letter names, but for each letter you instead listen to how the letter sounds like when spoken. This […]

Consonant game

Here is a new game that let the student practice consonants. The gameplay is the same as in the game find vowels. You are supposed to find all the consonants in all words without clicking on a vowel. Here’s an […]

New game about vowels

Today we released a game that practice the player in identifying vowels in words. This is how it looks like: To clear a round you have to find all vowels without clicking on a consonant. Correct letters turn green and […]

New summer game: Connect 4

The classic game four in a row is a a really popular game for both children and adults. Now you can play this game here on Helpful Games in the category Brain training and you have ten levels to choose […]

Game to practice months

Do you wan’t to play a new game for practicing the months of the year? it’s called Months and has the same gameplay as the game Days of the week, but it practices months instead. Below is a screenshot: Play […]