New word game and game type

Now there is a new type of game where you have to figure out a hidden English word. The game is similar to Mastermind where the player must figure out color codes. Here it’s English words that must be figured out. There are many game levels and they get harder the higher level you choose. All your guesses are matched against an English dictionary and, of course, the secret code word.

Code word screenshot

Play Code Word on Helpful Games.

If you are a teacher, you can also create your own games of this type. The game level type is called Mastermind when you create your game and you may choose how hard it should be to solve the code word. You may choose from settings like selecting dictionary (English, Swedish or none at all), number of guesses allowed and whether the player must use the revealed letters in the subsequent guesses. In addition, as in all other game types, you can also set a time limit, which makes it even more difficult. Just remember not to make the game too difficult and try to match the game against your own students.