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Latest events in this game

1 minute ago: Someone had a problem at level 10. Really hard (computer starts) which took 2 minutes.
3 minutes ago: Someone had a problem at level 10. Really hard (computer starts) which took 1 minute.
26 minutes ago: Someone got 17 moves at level 9. Really hard (you start) which took 54 seconds.
27 minutes ago: Someone got 18 moves at level 9. Really hard (you start) which took 53 seconds.
28 minutes ago: Someone had a problem at level 9. Really hard (you start) which took 1 minute.
28 minutes ago: Someone had a problem at level 12. Extremely hard (computer starts) which took 27 seconds.
29 minutes ago: Someone had a problem at level 12. Extremely hard (computer starts) which took 6 seconds.
29 minutes ago: Someone had a problem at level 12. Extremely hard (computer starts) which took 32 seconds.
31 minutes ago: Someone had a problem at level 12. Extremely hard (computer starts) which took 37 seconds.
31 minutes ago: Someone had a problem at level 12. Extremely hard (computer starts) which took 2 minutes.

Beat the computer with four pieces in a row!

Play connect four

Instructions to play connect four

The rules are simple: You play against the computer and you both have 21 discs (or markers) each. Depending on what level you selected, either you starts (with red discs) or the computer starts (with yellow discs). Click on the column you want your disc to fall down into. The disc falls to the lowest empty slot in that column. Then you wait for the computer to put it's disc. When the computer is finished, you can add your next disc.

To win in connect 4

The first to get four of their pieces in a straight line wins. A line can be horizontal, vertical or diagonal. You have to beat the computer to finish the round. If it's a tie (the whole game board is filled with discs) you have to try again.

Considerations in the game

On the more difficult levels, your computer often has to think for a long time to find a really good place for its disc. If you have a tired computer, this can take several minutes and during this period of time a pulsating spinning circle in the middle of the board will be shown.

Calculation of knowledge points

Each completed level results in 1 knowledge point. The maximum number of points (12 knowledge points) is achieved when you complete all 12 levels. You'll get a bronze medal when you complete a level 2 times and a silver medal after 5 completed rounds. A gold medal will be received after 10 completed rounds. In Connect four, the maximum number of collectable gold medals is 12. You only earn knowledge points for levels that has not been cleared before. A cleared level has a green background above. Even when you have completed a level, you can continue practicing at that level, but it gives you no more knowledge points.

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Game info

This game is suitable for student between Up to 6 years and 15 years.
By playing the game the student practices Strategy, Logical thinking.
The game with id 222 was created by Helpfulgames on .
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There are a total of 19 comments on this knowledge games.
9 november 2017 13:12
The comment is awaiting review.
9 november 2017 13:11
The comment is awaiting review.
moujik wrote:
23 september 2017 02:12
One of the better AIs out there. Still I win every time.. level 11 is a bit harder than 12, so you need to concentrate..
KBJ wrote:
12 april 2017 19:27
Level 12 is easy to beat. The algorithm for the computer needs changed to make the game more challenging.
iam96 wrote:
3 februari 2017 22:36
I finally got a gold medal on level 10! I studied how I won the first time, and found out the computer always seems to make the same guess and same mistake on a certain part of the game. I caught it! After finding that, it was easy to win over and over since the computer doesn't read it, and it keeps making the same wrong move. it doesn't read my move as a threat. I don't want to mention my actual moves since I know they will update the software hehe ;)
AB wrote:
27 januari 2017 09:28
It is possible to win on level 10 also (but it's hard), the computer does not play 100% perfect, but close to it.
Daniel Lind wrote:
7 oktober 2016 13:23
Vancouver: You loose unless you beat the computer. That's the rule here. :)
Vancouver wrote:
7 oktober 2016 05:11
Why does it say i lose when it's a draw? It doesn't matter who starts first, if it's a draw, it says i lose...
math wrote:
6 juni 2016 08:24
it is impossible to win if you allow the computer to go first on level 10. in order to win on level 9 you must place your piece in the center on the first move then proceed to play a perfect game.
Singer wrote:
29 maj 2016 21:18
Great game. I'm swedish, but I go in the third grade so I Know English. GREAT GAME
Mihir wrote:
9 maj 2016 14:19
Is it possible to Make a Connect 4 game that always wins?
richard jagger wrote:
1 mars 2016 16:20
what does " someone had a problem...... " mean ?
Hmm wrote:
12 december 2015 01:26
What does 'Someone had Problem with (ex. level 7)' mean?
Phvli wrote:
15 december 2014 00:06
Heh, perhaps it was the crumminess of the algorithm then that caused my bot trouble, since mine was expecting the opponent to make perfect moves.

Anyways, if any of you is working on a bot of your own, this is what I ended up with: minimax with a depth of 9-ish, heuristics to take even/odd row threats into account and you should be all set. With the use of bitboards and some clever hash maps, you will always make your move in less than 2 seconds on a regular desktop computer.
jordi wrote:
13 december 2014 16:12
It's not that haard to win if you put 2nd. And I don't even now what an algorithm is :p
Gabriel wrote:
11 november 2014 13:13
This videogame is really useful to train the brain! Right-hand good!
Phvli wrote:
9 oktober 2014 04:16
Hmm actually nevermind, I found the original algorithm. It was my heuristic that wasn't up to the task. Adding odd/even row threats to mine was sufficient, and now I have yet to find an online solution that can beat mine.

Anyway, yours is the toughest opponent. Kudos!
Phvli wrote:
8 oktober 2014 10:00
Which algorithm/heuristics does the 'really hard' AI use? This was the first online implementation that was able to beat my alpha-beta bot. Pretty impressive.
natjimo wrote:
1 december 2013 22:06
if you go first you win and if you put 2nd you lose. its easy to calculate without even writing it down. and there for this game is boring.
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