About Helpful Games

Helpful Games is a free educational website created to facilitate teaching in schools all around the world.

Our goal is to offer simple, fun and interesting games that helps students learn and become familiar with mathematics, English, biology and other basic skills and knowledge.

Helpful Games in brief:

  • Helpful Games is a educational site in continuous development and we are working hard to create new and exciting gamified knowledge. The games are developed in close collaboration with committed teachers and students.
  • I, who started Helpful Games, have a Master of Science in Computer Science and more than 15 years of experience from education-related IT.
  • Many of the games here on Helpful Games have been created by us at Helpful Games, but an increasing number is now created by dedicated teachers who have chosen to make their games publicly available.
  • All games can be played by students without a user account at www.helpfulgames.com and to take full advantage of the appreciated features game creation, assignment and reports you need to register for a free account.
  • It is free for all teachers and students to play our knowledge games. If you want to remove the ads, you can become a plus member.

Fun games for knowledge

All the games that you find on helpfulgames has been created with this in mind:

  1. Be pedagogical – All our games will teach the student a knowledge or ability. To succeed with that our games need to be educationally designed.
  2. Be stimulating – The child should feel that a moment of gameplay is rewarding – both intellectually and emotionally.
  3. Appeal children at different levels of education – All people evolve at different speed. All children will all be able to play our game on Helpful Games no matter how far the pupils have come in their own development.
  4. Be a complement to lessons and homework books from teachers. Ordinary homework is a cornerstone of teaching, but it might be nice to alternate this with teaching in the form of games sometimes.
  5. Be funny! – Children must feel that it is fun to learn with our games for increased knowledge.

Quality and development

For us at Helpful Games, it is important that our games are of high quality from a pedagogical perspective. The best help to accomplish this comes from all you teachers who contribute with comments and suggestions. Good knowledge games can always be improved. With your input, our game becomes even better! Sometimes the questions in the games are complemented or adjusted, but sometimes the whole game is revised. It’s not often, but it is always because the child’s development always comes first in mind.

We are proud that:

    • HelpfulGames.com is being used by teachers in schools all over the world!

If yoy have an opinion, feel free to contact us. Is there anything you’re miss on the site? Do you have suggestions for new games (that you can’t make yourself)?

Thank you for using HelpfulGames.com!

Daniel Lind at HelpfulGames.com
Elevspel AB, Swedish registration number 556960-4068

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