Helpful Games has all you need to let your students have fun learning in school and at home!

Create games

Create your own games

As a teacher, you can create your own games for your students, or why not allow everybody to play your games? What’s the game play? It’s your choice!

Create assignments as homework

Create special assignments

Let your students play assignments where you have hand picked games and levels to suit their needs. The students can do the assignments in school or at home!

Medals and knowledge points

Knowledge points & medals

Start collecting knowledge points and medals. The more you learn, the more you get! How many gold medals do you have?


Send messages

Something you need to tell your students? Or is there any student who needs to ask you a question? Use our messaging feature! Only between you and your students – safe and secure!

Statistics on an ultra book

Are they doing well?

An important part of education is to follow up on your students progress. At Helpful Games you will see exactly the status of your students in all their activities. In real-time.

Klass som grupp

Create your classes

Do you have students in multiple classes or groups? With our group feature you can share classes and groups of students with other teachers.

Free membership

Free membership

We want everyone to be able to use Helpful Games. Membership is therefore free. If you want to remove the ads or need any of our extra features, you may become a plus member.