Terms of use


In these terms of use, the term “Service” refers to the information and services that may be accessed through www.elevspel.se and www.helpfulgames.com (below referred to as “www site/sites”) and plus.elevspel.se and plus.helpfulgames.com (below referred to as “plus site/sites “) and is offered by Elevspel AB, org. no. 556960-4068, Björkvägen 25, 90738 Umeå, Sweden (below referred to as “Helpful Games”).

In cases where special conditions apply to any of the above mentioned websites, it is explicitly stated in the text below.

General terms

Within the Service, we want you to treat others in the same way as you want to be treated yourself. To minimize the risk of someone to feel harassed or offended, we have set up a number of rules that must be followed. If you publish information about other people, you are responsible under the Data Protection Act for your publication. A violation of the laws can lead to damages and in some cases penalties.
When you become a member in the Service, you agree to our Terms and Conditions below. Therefore it is important that you first read our rules so that you know what is okay and what is not:

  • You who create a teacher account or parent account are at least 18 years old.
  • If you create an account for a student, you mush have permission to do so. This usually means that you have the student’s permission and parental consent, if the student is less than 18 years old.
  • Every use of the Service is subject to these terms, no matter if it’s via web browser, mobile app or another media.
  • Incorrect information on faulty registration may result in your account being deleted.
  • You are only allowed to have one membership in the Service. Members who do not comply can without warning have their membership terminated.
  • As a member, you are ultimately responsible for your login information. You are considered responsible for all activities that occur through your account.
  • If you give us permission when creating your account, Helpful Games may send out offers and perform market research with your member data.
  • Helpful Games has the right to review your membership account when suspicions of abuse of these conditions exist.
  • Helpful Games may, at any time, change or remove one or several games or other services provided through the Service without prior notice. The user is only entitled to use the Service in its current state.
  • Helpful Games reserves the right to change these terms of use in the future without notice. The user must keep herself updated with the current conditions by visiting this page.
  • The user is responsible for having the necessary technical equipment in order to use the Service.
  • Helpful Games takes no responsibility and gives no guarantees for the availability or accuracy of the Service. Helpful Games also reserves the right to adjust, correct or delete users as well as individual tasks.
  • Helpful Games use data input from users to improve services, troubleshoot bugs and ensure the operation and functionality of the provided Service.
  • All content is protected by Copyright laws and may not be copied or reproduced without approval from Helpful Games. You may not make the content of the Service available to any Third Party. This means, among other things, that you may not copy the Service in its entirety or in individual parts and distribute them to others.

User games

  • In order to be allowed to create your own games in the Service, you must be at least 18 years old and of legal age. Students are not allowed to create games.
  • As a member you agree not to upload stolen texts or images that you do not have rights to use. If such infringement of copyright would occur, the image or text will immediately be removed and the member will be liable to the copyright holder. Helpful Games can never be held responsible for members’ uploaded texts or images.
  • Every member owns the rights to her own texts and pictures and is free to do whatever she wants with them. Helpful Games holds the right to transfer all, or part of, its collected material to a third party without compensation to the member.
  • All games are reviewed by Helpful Games before they are approved for publication. This applies only to games marked as public, but private games may also be reviewed if we find it necessary. This is true whether the game is public, or only visible to your students. However, it is always the game creator who is responsible for the content of the game created. Helpfulgames reserves the right to correct spelling mistakes and other obvious errors in the texts.
  • All games created may be used to promote this site at anytime, anywhere without prior consulting you as the game creator.
  • Public games must:
    • Be suitable for all students and be well suited to the specified target group.
    • Be free of errors and misspellings. If Helpful Games is informed that a game is inaccurate, the game can be removed from the public. The user can then correct any errors and resubmit the game.
    • Be ad-free. We accept no games containing any form of advertising.
    • Be unique. There must not be another game in the Service which is almost identical.
    • Have an English title and description. If Swedish is desired, the game may instead be created on elevspel.se.
    • Be well documented in the descriptions and also easy to understand.
    • Practice students in one or more abilities in one or more subjects in a pedagogically well-structured way that also appeals to other educators.
    • Be playable on all platforms supported by the Service, ie updated browsers on both computers and popular tablets.
  • Helpful Games reserves the right to refuse a game from public publication, eg if any of the above requirements are not met.

If you violate our rules

We are performing spot checks of what is going on in the Service and we also receive complaints from visitors and other users. On suspicion, complaints or tips on any member violating the rules, we check this by going through our event logs. If we find that someone violated the terms and conditions, we can warn the user, and in serious cases block the member. In cases where the offense is both rough and a violation of law, we may notify the police. If we find something that is offensive and degrading, and against the rules are, we will remove the content without warning and the responsible user will be removed.

Your membership

Membership is personal and valid until further notice. If you want to terminate the membership, you may do so by contacting us. Helpful Games reserves the right to display advertisements to you and your students if you are using the Service through www site.

You are not allowed to use the information provided in the Service in any other way than through the distribution channels provided by Helpful Games.

Advice for password

Do not reveal your password to anyone else. If you believe that someone has access to your login, you should immediately change your password. If you are logged on to a computer that other people uses, please remember to log out when finished. We advise you to change your password upon your first login, but also at regular intervals. Do not use the same password for multiple services.

Student password

It is only the responsible teacher who can change a student’s password. Use a moderately difficult password and not a password you or the student would use elsewhere. This is because the student’s password is stored in a format that makes it possible to be decrypted. Student passwords must be readable so you and the student’s other teachers (through groups) can read the student’s password and help him or her with login problems.

Privacy Policy

Helpful Games is responsible for the management of the personal data that you as a customer provide to us. Your personal data will be processed by Helpful Games to manage the customer relationship. Your consent to how the information about you is displayed, used and stored in the Service provided by Helpful Games and described here, is required in order for you to use the Service. Helpful Games also wants that you, who are a teacher/parent, agree that data about your students/children is used as below. If necessary, Helpful Games presupposes that you as a customer, from each student’s guardian, has obtained consent to the data management about your students / children, as described below.

Data and data usage

In the Service, teachers, parents, students and children stores personal data and other information used in pre-school, during school and in other types of education. Examples are game results, contact info (address, phone and e-mail), messages, personal profile, individual action plans and performance reviews. The information is stored for you and your students or children.

The information is used for the support of learning in and outside of school. The data is published through the Service only for authorized and logged in members of the Service, which belong to or are related to the same groups as you, and who is authorized to see the data. For example, the teachers working with a student’s class will see the student’s individual game results. Personal data of users who are not students can be published publicly in the Service if the user has actively chosen this in the user settings. Such publication is intended to show who’s the creator a particular public game.

Helpful Games will not disclose personal information to third parties without your permission, unless applicable law requires us to do so.

At any time, you may log in to your account in the Service and see all data stored about you and the children or students you have permission to access.

Helpful Games also stores personal data to communicate with the person who submits a contact request via contact form, e-mail or other means of communication, and to handle the matter. The legal basis for the storage is initially that the storage is necessary to carry out a balance of interests. Personal data in communication with Helpful Games follows our rules on storage, see below, but deletion can also take place immediately after finished  communication, depending on the content of the contact request.

Information security and storage

The information in the Service is stored and managed on servers in Sweden. The data is backed up regularly to minimize the risk of information loss and downtime. All information is retained as long as the associated user account exists. Helpful Games reserves the right to delete personal data after 18 months of user inactivity. When a teacher or parent account is deleted, all student accounts linked to that account are also deleted, if these have no connection to another active teacher or parent account.

Correction of incorrect personal information is done by the user after login, or by Helpful Games upon request if  login is not possible.

Deletion of personal data

Accounts created in the Service may be deleted at the user’s request. If a teacher or parent deletes their user, all stored personal data for that user and connected students (having no connections to other users) will be deleted or, if deletion is not possible, anonymized. A deleted account cannot be recovered.


Also read how we use cookies on Helpful Games, since accepting the above terms of use also includes our use of cookies.


Development and maintenance of the Service is financed by plus membership and ads. Users having an active plus membership must use a plus site and will not be shown ads in the Service.

Users without a plus membership must use a www site and will be shown different types of ads. These occur mainly in the form of banner ads. Ads may in some rare cases also occur in specific emails or other media.

Helpful Games has a strict ethical and moral view of the advertisers and the messages in their ads. Helpful Games uses primarily Google for ad delivery and you may read Google’s rules for using their services on their website and also their policy for advertising. If you want to change your settings for ads on a www site, you can do so on all pages with ads at the bottom using the Privacy link.

For non-contracted advertising in the Service, such as in games or comments, the member will immediately be shut down or fined.

Plus member

As a plus member, the user will not be shown ads in the Service on plus sites.

By ordering a plus membership, you will have a binding agreement with Helpful Games to these terms of use. The agreement period runs until the end without any ability to pause, cancel or reduce the scope of the agreement. The countdown of days in the contract period begins upon the first activation, regardless of the number of purchased membership and will then be valid for the ordered number of months.

A plus membership must be activated within 6 months from order date. The agreement applies only to the type of account ordered. A plus membership for teachers cannot be used for a parent and vice versa.

  • Plus membership may only be ordered by a company or an adult.
  • Printed material from the Service may not be used after the license for plus membership has expired.
  • Access the Service only through a plus site. Any login attempt to a www site results in a redirection to the corresponding plus site.
  • When the agreement has expired, the plus membership is transferred to a regular membership and login to the Service on a plus site is denied. For login to the Service on a www site, explicit approval from the user is required, unless such approval has already been given.
  • The other terms of use for the Service also apply to a plus membership.


Payment is made depending on the product and buyer via PayPal or by invoice. No automatic renewal of membership takes place, but an e-mail will be sent out approximately 30 days before the agreement period expires as an information about the expiration. If you want to renew your membership, you will have to make a new purchase.

If delivery of the activation code proves to take place to a different geographical location than ordered, Helpful Games reserves the right to demand any unpaid VAT.


These payment methods are provided by a third party (PayPal) with which Helpful Games cooperates for this purpose. The payment options you are offered may vary from time to time, but usually include a PayPal account, debit card and credit card. More information about the different payment methods and customer service can be found on PayPal’s website www.paypal.com.


Buyer agrees to pay invoices within 30 days. Objections to invoices shall be made within seven days. The purchaser is responsible for the correctness of the billing address. An invoice is always paid to an IBAN and BIC bank account (bank transfer) or a Swedish Bankgiro if applicable.

Helpful Games charges no invoice fee, but in case of no or insufficient payment there will be a reminder fee ($ 10) and interest for the time credit has been utilized (22.2%).

Right of withdrawal

The buyer has the right to withdraw, if the buyer is a consumer, up to 14 days after the day when the plus membership agreement was signed, if the plus membership has not already been activated in the Service. If the buyer wishes to invoke the right of withdrawal within this time frame, the buyer should contact Helpful Games.

Partner services

Google (Does not apply to plus sites)

Helpful Games is using several services from Google on its www sites, primarily for site statistics and advertising. You are therefore also accepting the privacy policy for Google services when you confirm to our terms of use stated above using the Service by a www site. Helpful Games and Google are independently responsible for the personal data processed in each system.


Helpful Games provide support via e-mail that is initiated via contact forms accessed by links in the footer of all web pages in the Service. Helpful Games always tries to answer within one working day, although Helpful Games cannot guarantee answers within this time frame. Support to a plus member via a plus site is prioritized in the event of high workload on the support.

The revision date of the above terms of use: 2024-07-09