A cookie is a small text file containing data that the web site you visit saves on your computer with the aim of giving the visitor access to various functions. The next time you visit the same website it knows that you have been there earlier.

First-party cookies on this website

We use different types of cookies to be able to offer our services to our users. Below we describe the types of cookies that can be stored in your browser.

  • Settings – These cookies enable us to save information about how our websites are displayed, e.g. language information.
  • Security – We use security cookies to authenticate users and to prevent fraudulent use of login information and unauthorized access to user data.
  • Analysis – We analyze the usage of Helpful Games, which helps us understand how our visitors use our websites.
  • Advertisement – Does not apply to plus.helpfulgames.comWe use cookies to make advertising more relevant to our users. They are used to enable ads to be selected based on what is relevant to the user, to improve the reporting of various campaigns and to prevent ads that have already been shown to the user from being displayed again.

Cookies used by third parties

Cookies can also be set by another website to e.g. maintain high security, select and deliver ads to visitors and / or to measure the effectiveness of an ad and / or see how often a visitor clicks on a particular ad and if the visitor took any action related to the ad. See the links below for more information about our partners’ use of cookies.

Partner: Google
Does not apply to:
Primary purpose:
analysis and advertisement
Cookie specification and terms of use: Link

Avoid the use of cookies

If you do not want cookies stored on your computer, you can change the security settings on your web browser so that you either do not accept any cookies at all or so that your consent is requested every time a website tries to put a cookie on your computer. You can also delete cookies that have previously been stored in your web browser; see the web browser’s help files for more information.

If you want to change your settings for ads on, you can do so on all pages with ads at the bottom of the Privacy link.

Revision date for the text above: 2021-06-01