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$ 29
Incl. VAT
$ 5/month
$ 47
Incl. VAT
$ 4/month
Comparative price for 1 student.
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$ 107
Excl. VAT
$ 18/month
$ 191
Excl. VAT
$ 16/month
Comparative price for 25 students.
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Advantages of plus membership

Remove ads by becoming a plus member! A plus membership will remove ads on both Helpfulgames and for both you and your students. See more benefits of a plus membership in our comparison between our types of membership:
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How does it work?

All new members will automatically get free accounts! To be able to offer this, ads will be displayed when you use Helpfulgames. If you want to remove the ads, please upgrade your account and one or more of your groups of students to a plus membership. This is how it's done:

  1. Click on the button above to calculate the total cost.
  2. Select number of different users, fill in your billing details and then submit the order.
  3. Wait for activation code and invoice.
  4. Please enter the code in your settings and then apply that code to your students. When done, you and your students will be plus members!

Do not forget to pay the invoice that comes with the activation code! Once the contract period is about to end, we will send you an e-mail and inform you about it. If you don't renew your plus membership, you and your students will automatically be downgraded to regular free accounts.

License for a whole school or municipality

If you are an entire municipality or a larger school and interested in upgrading to plus membership, we can offer you a discount on the licenses. contact us

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