Helpfulgames as app for Android

Helpfulgames is now available as an app for Android devices on Google Play¹. The app is compatible with phones ans tablets running Android version 4.0.3 and above and works on almost any screen sizes. Yoy’ll find the app here: Helpfulgames […]

Plus membership per student instead of group

We have now simplified license management for plus membership on Helpfulgames. Plus membership is now bought per student and per teacher.   All already acquired plus memberships, which was based on group licenses, have been converted to corresponding student licenses. […]

Secure communication

From now on, Helpfulgames has https encryption, which means that you as a user browse on a secure connection and that all communication between web server and your browser is encrypted. If you look up in the address bar in your […]

50% discount for teachers on plus membership

A few weeks ago, we introduced a limit on the number of groups a teacher may create without being a plus member. A teacher now needs to be a plus member to create more than the first free group. As […]

Creating multiple groups requires plus membership

Starting today, an active plus membership is needed to create more than one student group. With a plus membership, a teacher can create 20 groups and a parent 2 groups. If you do not have a membership, you can create […]

Your name on your public games

Now you can clarify who created your public games. In your personal settings, you can now choose to let your name appear in the game information text on your games. Note that changing this setting will make your name visible […]

Preview game levels as a plus member

We now introduce a feature to preview all the questions and answers on a game level. You must be logged in as a teacher or parent and also have an active plus membership to be able to see all the […]

App to Chrome and Chromebook

Helpfulgames is now available as an app for all of you who have a Google Chromebook or are browsing with Google Chrome. If you use Google Chrome or Chrome OS running on a Google Chromebook, you can install our app […]

Improved student reports

Now it’s easier to see which games you’ve played and how it went. You’ll find your game results by clicking on your knowledge points next to your medals. You must be logged in to see the improved student reports. Student […]

Easier student management

Here comes a major and long-awaited update to the management of your students’ accounts. All student accounts are now managed in groups. You, who used to have students without a group association, now have a group with these students. Is […]