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Play Tell time in English

Tell time in English

Practice analog clock. Practice the basics such as full hours, half-hours, quarters and minutes. Watch the three clocks and choose the clock that match the requested time.
20 game levels. First grade - Sixth grade
Clock Analog clock Numbers
Play Trigonometry Vocabulary

Trigonometry Vocabulary

Practice the six trigonometric functions and other trigonometry definitions.
6 game levels. Fourth grade - Seventh grade
Trigonometry Functions Vocabulary
Play Volume Concentration

Volume Concentration

Match up the corresponding 3D figure to its volume formula.
3 game levels. Eighth grade - Tenth grade
Volume Formula 3D figures
Play Ways to make 10

Ways to make 10

These friends of ten activities really help students learn ways to make ten in a fun and hands on way.
4 game levels. Kindergarten - Second grade
Addition Number bonds Make 10
Play Writing numbers in words

Writing numbers in words

Practice how numbers are written in words. In English and both numbers to words and words to numbers.
17 game levels. Kindergarten - First grade
Numbers Digits Words Write
Play Planet order in the solar system

Planet order in the solar system

Practice the order of the eight planets in the solar system.
8 game levels. Sixth grade - Tenth grade
Astronomy Planets Planet order Sun
Play African animals

African animals

Spanish names of animals from African hand picked to learn in Spanish!
8 game levels. Sixth grade - Eighth grade
Animals Animal names Africa
Play Animals in Spanish

Animals in Spanish

Learn the spanish words for numerous animals in this fun game!
7 game levels. First grade - Eleventh grade and above
Animals Animal names
Play Colors in Spanish

Colors in Spanish

Learn the colors in Spanish by watching the color images and choose the right word for the color.
8 game levels. Eighth grade - Eleventh grade and above
Adjectives Colors
Play Conjugated form and specified form

Conjugated form and specified form

Match the specified form to the correct conjugated verb in Spanish.
2 game levels. Tenth grade - Eleventh grade and above
Verbs Subjunctive Tense Conjugated form Specified form
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