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Play Convert fractions, percentages and decimals

Convert fractions, percentages and decimals

Practice convert a number between fraction, percentage and decimal. Includes the ten steps from a whole of one-tenth.
12 game levels. Fifth grade - Seventh grade
Fractions Percents Decimals Conversion
Play Count money

Count money

Look at the notes and coins and add up the sum. Practicing basic knowledge in how to count money with increasing difficulty. This knowledge game uses all valid denominations of the Swedish krona, U.S.
76 game levels. First grade - Seventh grade
Money Counting Mental calculation
Play Digital clock in English

Digital clock in English

Practice the digital clock with 24 hours. Read a written time and find the corresponding time among the three digital clocks.
20 game levels. Kindergarten - Sixth grade
Clock Digital clock Numbers
Play Division


Practice division, ie dividing two numbers. Find the quotients of the numerators divided by the denominators in this math game.
35 game levels. Third grade - Tenth grade
Numbers Division Mental calculation
Play Division and multiplication of fractions and whole numbers

Division and multiplication of fractions and whole numbers

Solve the math problem! Multiplication and Division of Fractions!
3 game levels. Fourth grade - Sixth grade
Multiplication Division Whole numbers Fractions
Play Division using Pictures

Division using Pictures

The learners will test their knowledge in division.
3 game levels. Kindergarten - Sixth grade
Division Visual representation
Play Find the factor

Find the factor

Try to find the requested factors in this game of multiplication. You get a factor and a product and your task is to find the missing product.
45 game levels. Third grade - Tenth grade
Factor Multiplication Product
Play Making 10

Making 10

Practice different ways to add up to the number ten.
3 game levels. Kindergarten - Second grade
Making 10 Addition
Play Master your fours

Master your fours

A fun way to memorize 4s! Let's practice 4s facts.
2 game levels. Third grade - Fifth grade
Play Match clocks

Match clocks

Match clocks that can be both analog and digital. Practice telling time with both types of clocks.
40 game levels. First grade - Sixth grade
Clock Analog clock Digital clock Numbers
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