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Terms of use

Access In these terms of use, the term "Service" refers to the information and services that may be accessed through and (below referred to as "www site/sites") and and ...

About knowledge points

The knowledge points at Helpful Games are designed to give you a good measurement of your students' performance in the games. A student's overall knowledge score is based on: The number of games the student has played. How many levels of the game ...

Information to teachers and parents

Our goal is for you to feel safe when your students play our education games here on Helpful Games. This is achieved by: No ads are displayed on No ads are displayed during an ongoing game round on No ...

Rules for comments

Your opinions are important to us and enrich the content of Helpful Games. Comments on are moderated by Helpful Games, but the users is responsible for what they publish. Helpful Games reserves the right to unilaterally determine ...

About Helpful Games

Helpful Games is a free educational website created to facilitate teaching in schools all around the world. Our goal is to offer simple, fun and interesting games that helps students learn and become familiar with mathematics, English, biology and ...

Color-coded input upgraded in free-text question games

Previously, players could see their inputted text in color, where correct letters were rewarded with green and incorrect letters were marked in red. This provided a visual indication of the accuracy of the answers and encouraged players to ...

Improved search: Find games by game type

You can now search our games by selecting the game type. We have several different game types and sometimes you may want to search for a specific game type, such as memory or multiple choice. Now you can do that filtering in our advanced search ...

Faster memory games

Now you can move on to the next word pair by clicking on the next card, although the previous cards are still shown. This way you can speed up the memory game, if you wish. The improvement is introduced on the memory game, but also on all games ...

Improved letter board games

Laying out the words We've improved the way words are laid out on game levels that are of the letter grid type. Now the words can be laid out according to one of the following: 4-way straight words. The words are in a straight line and can be ...
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