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Hand out login info to students

We have now made it easier for you to distribute your students' login information when creating a new class. Now you can print login information for an entire class and get an instant printout that you can cut and distribute. Read more in our Help ...

Edit assignments created by others

[caption id="attachment_858" align="aligncenter" width="300"] Screenshot of the new access control when editing an assignment.[/caption] Now it is possible to give your colleagues access to your assignments. For example, if you are working together ...

Turn off sound effects

In some of our games there are sound effects. These are not required for the game's function, but are intended to enhance the user experience. Sometimes it may be helpful to turn off these effects. Therefore, there is now a new setting that a ...

Verify your student personal information

As a student, it has been difficult to verify the accuracy of the stored personal information. We have therefore created a Settings page which students can access after login, where information such as name, e-mail address and time zone are ...

Duplicate levels in your own games

Many have requested a feature to duplicate or clone a game level to a new game level. It can be convenient when you use time constraints and want to make the levels harder and harder or with fewer and fewer permissible errors, given the same ...

Allow new students in a group to access the group's assignments

Here comes a long-awaited feature for you who let your students play assignments on Helpful Games. When a class or group gets a new student, the teacher has previously had to add that student to all ongoing and upcoming assignments that the group ...

Save games you like

Now you can save the games you like here on Helpful Games. When you're playing a game you want to save, click the button in the shape of a heart beneath the scoreboard. The game will then show up in your list of saved games that you will find a link ...

Login is passed through to Elevspel

If you are logged in to Helpful and click on one of the buttons to play a game in Swedish on our sister-site, you will continue to be logged in. You will not have to log in again if you have already done it on Helpfulgames. ...

Helpful Games as app for Android

Helpful Games is now available as an app for Android devices on Google Play¹. The app is compatible with phones ans tablets running Android version 4.0.3 and above and works on almost any screen sizes. Yoy'll find the app here: Helpful Games is not ...

Merge student accounts

Now you can merge two student accounts. This may be useful if someone has accidentally created two accounts and already started collecting knowledge points on both accounts. Learn more about how to merge student accounts in our help center.
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