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Simplified game types for user games

We have now simplified the game types so that you do not need to choose if a level should have pictures on all the questions or on none of the questions. Now you get to choose this for every question instead. This also means that you only need to ...

Create games with cloze deletion tests

Now we have developed a new type of game called cloze test. Learn more about how to use the game type on the help page for cloze test. So far, there are six different game types you may choose from when creating levels in your own games. Learn more ...

Mobile-friendly games

We have now done a thorough review of all our educational games here at the Student Games and ensured that they all work on computers, tablets and now even smartphones. If your children or students have access to smartphones, they can now also use ...

Detailed reports on games

Now you can get even more detailed reports on your students' performance in a game. For example, you may get an overview of all students' results on a game level and their missed questions. Additionally, you can even view each student's performance ...

Level up on Helpful Games

We have now introduced ranking levels here on Helpful Games. This ranking is only visible when you are logged in as student. You start at level one, which belongs to the animal ant. When you finish a new games or earn new medals, you will advance to ...

Letter grid - new game type template

We have now introduced a new type of game that you can choose when you create your own games for your students. It is a game type that let the students repeatedly read words and learn their spelling. The game is based on our game word puzzle, but ...

Only games at the student's level

It is getting quite a few games here on Helpful Games and the games are made for increasingly varying grades. Therefore, we now introduce a new feature that allows you, as a parent or teacher, to hide all the games that are not primarily intended ...

Private games for your groups

Do you have groups with students that you want to be able to play your games? Now you can give them exclusive access to your own games. There is a new authorization level on user generated games called My groups which allows all students in your ...

Access other teachers' assignments

If you're a teacher or parent, you can now view all assignments that have been assigned to one of your groups' students. You manage your own assignments as before, but below the list of your assignments there is a new list with all assignments that ...

Activate plus membership

From now on we will show you a few ads. The reason for this is that we need to cover our expenditures so we can build even better features and great games on Helpfulgames. We show a maximum of three ads per page and every ad is clearly marked that ...
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