Level up on Helpful Games

We have now introduced ranking levels here on Helpful Games. This ranking is only visible when you are logged in as student. You start at level one, which belongs to the animal ant. When you finish a new games or earn new medals, you will advance to higher rankings levels. To level up one rank you need to collect any of the following:

  • 1 gold medal
  • 2 silver medals
  • 5 bronze medals
  • 10 knowledge points

You can also combine e.g. 5 knowledge points and 1 silver medal. When you reach level 11 you will get to a new animal. We won’t tell you what animal it is – you will see that when you have leveled up there! You can see your current ranking in the status bar:

RankinglevelIf you click on the animal or the level you will reach the page where all your achieved ranking levels are displayed. You may also go to the page by clicking the button Ranking Level on your member’s page. The ranking page is a visualization of your rank on Helpful Games.

RankingboardRight now, you can’t click on a ranking level, but maybe someday you will…

As a teacher, you can follow your students’ current ranks by signing in and click on ReportsStudents.