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Create games with video and audio

Now we have made it possible to add video and audio when you are creating your own games as a teacher or parent. It is also possible to enrich your already created games if you have suitable audio or video for the questions. The game types that can ...

Hide games for students

Now there is a new way to help a student focus on specific areas. By allowing a student to only see the games via assignments, you can choose exactly which game levels a student should be able to play. When all assignments have been done, the other ...

New pictures in the macabre game

We have now replaced all the pictures in the game hangman. We hope these are better suited to all our users! The last picture is now also a little surprise. :)

Speech synthesis in your games

We have now activated a feature that allows you to get your questions and answers read aloud to the students in your own games. The languages you may choose between are Swedish, English, Spanish, German, Italian and French. Speech synthesis is ...

Get the question read to you in the analog clock game

Have you seen that you may now get the question read to you in the game Tell time? Playback works best with iPad, modern Android devices and on Mac with Safari browser. It also works reasonably well with Chrome, Firefox and Microsoft Edge. It does ...

Log in via Microsoft

Now also you who have a Microsoft account may sign in here on Helpful Games via Microsoft. This also applies to you who have a login to Hotmail, Live ID, Outlook, Office 365, etc. It requires, as well as for Google and Facebook, that you have ...

Log in via Google or Facebook

Now you can sign in on Helpful Games via Google or Facebook. This requires that you have registered a user on Helpful Games with the email address you use with Google or Facebook. If you are a student, your teacher or parent need to fill in your ...

Improved student reports

Now it's easier to see which games you've played and how it went. You'll find your game results by clicking on your knowledge points next to your medals. You must be logged in to see the improved student reports. Student reports have also been ...

More levels and titles for keyboard training

We have now added 20 new and more difficult levels in the game that tests your skills on the keyboard. Now there are levels for 250 and 300 strikes per minute. The new titles are king and emperor, achieved at 300 and 350 strikes per minute. Play the ...

Easier student management

Here comes a major and long-awaited update to the management of your students' accounts. All student accounts are now managed in groups. You, who used to have students without a group association, now have a group with these students. Is there ...
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