Easier student management

Here comes a major and long-awaited update to the management of your students’ accounts. All student accounts are now managed in groups. You, who used to have students without a group association, now have a group with these students. Is there anything you don’t understand, we ask you to first check the help center where all the guides have been updated according to the new management of student accounts.

The limit of 50 students per teacher has also been significantly increased. Now you can create up to 1000 students per teacher, divided into 20 groups. A group may still contain a maximum of 50 students. If you have classes with more than 50 students, you only need to create one or more groups. You no longer have to ask for help from other teachers to create more than 50 student accounts.

Please contact us if there is anything that can be done even better about the handling of your students’ accounts.