Create games with video and audio

Now we have made it possible to add video and audio when you are creating your own games as a teacher or parent. It is also possible to enrich your already created games if you have suitable audio or video for the questions. The game types that can be supplemented with audio and video are Questions with text answers and Multiple choice questions.

Audio and video in own games

Example of what it looks like when a question in a game is complemented by a video.

We accept the most common file formats for video and audio, but if you try and it doesn’t work, feel free to contact us and tell which format you are using and we will try to add support for that format too. The maximum length of the audio or video file is 60 seconds. Uploading a media file that is longer will result in truncation at 60 seconds. The maximum file size you can upload is 50MB. Playback works in all modern browsers.