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I've found an error in a game

If you have found an error in the game, we are grateful if you help us correcting it. Contact the person who made the game as follows: If you are a teacher or parent Login to Student Games. Navigate to the game in which you found the error. Under ...

Inappropriate ads

On, ads may be displayed for anyone who is not a Plus member. Plus members use where no ads are displayed. Although advertisement on is our primary source to cover our costs of ...

Group of students

Creating groups is a great way to keep classes separated from each other, but also to share a class with other teachers. To create a group of your class: Login to Helpfulgames as a teacher. Go to group management by clicking on the Students button. ...


We have quite a massive number of games here at Helpful Games. It may therefore be useful for teachers to select certain levels in a number of games and group them into an assignment for the students. The advantage is that it will be easier for the ...

Create your own games

On Helpful Games, teachers and parents can create their own games for their students. To create a game follow these steps: Log in as a teacher or parent. On the member page, click on the My games button. Click the button Create new game, which will ...

Transfer student or offer access to another teacher

If you want to transfer the ownership of a student's account to another teacher, follow these steps: Log in as the student’s teachers. Click the Students button. Click the name of the group the student belongs to. Click the name of the student you ...

Delete student account

If you have a student who have quit your class and you want to remove the user from your list of students, you have the following options: Transfer the student's account to the student's new teacher. Transfer the student's account to the student's ...

New class – what todo with the old students’ accounts?

If you, as a teacher, have a new class and want to use Helpful Games with your new class, you might encounter the 100 students per group limit (50 students for a free user account), if you try to add the new students to the same group. A new group ...

More than 50 students

If you’re a teacher and need to create more than the 50 student accounts you may have in a group as a teacher, we offer you the following options: Become a plus member as a teacher and you will be allowed to create student groups of 100 students ...

Forgot student password

If you’re a student and have forgotten your password, you must contact the person who created your account - your teacher or your parent. Only he or she can give you a new password. If you’re a teacher or parent and want to help your student with a ...
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