I’ve found an error in a game

If you have found an error in the game, we are grateful if you help us correcting it. Contact the person who made the game as follows:

If you are a teacher or parent

  1. Login to Student Games.
  2. Navigate to the game in which you found the error.
  3. Under the heading Game Info, there is a button Contact the game creator. Press the button. This will take you to a contact form to send a private message to the teacher who created the game.

If you are a student or do not have a user as a teacher / parent

  1. Navigate to the game in which you found the error.
  2. Scroll down to the comments for that game. Fill in your name, email address and message text as objectively as possible what the error is.
  3. Please note that all comments are reviewed manually by us at the Helpfulgames before publication and must follow our guidelines for comments.
  4. When the comment is reviewed and approved, the game creator can read the comment and get a chance to correct the error.

If you have written a comment which has been approved, but the error has not been corrected in over a week, please contact us and let us know. Then we at Helpfulgames may correct the error instead of the game creator, or hide the whole game until the correction is made.