Inappropriate ads

On, ads may be displayed for anyone who is not a Plus member. Plus members use where no ads are displayed. Although advertisement on is our primary source to cover our costs of operation and administration of Helpfulgames, we have tried our best to minimize the distraction of the ads. We show no ads the first 7 days of membership. We show no ads when a student is actively playing a level in a game. The ads have also been placed far away from the central content on each page to minimize accidental clicks. We also limit the number of ad units per page in order to minimize the annoyance ads may lead to.

If you still believe that the ads are too distracting, feel free to become a Plus member, which gives you access to where no ads are displayed. The plus membership also gives you access to

Keep in mind that if you have approved personalized ads, there may be ads that are suitable for you, but are not normally displayed to all visitors to Student Games. You can find the settings for personalized ads under the Privacy link at the bottom of any page with ads.

If you’ve seen an advertisement that is absolutely inappropriate, feel free to make us aware of it. This is what we need to know:

  • On which page on and where on the page the ad was displayed.
  • What you used for device, ie mobile, tablet or computer.
  • Who was advertising.
  • The URL that the ad was referring to.
  • Feel free to also take a screenshot

Contact us with the above information so that we can become aware of the inappropriate ad.