Audio with speech synthesis in the game

In many games it’s possible to have questions read aloud. It’s shown with a clickable icon where available. An example is shown below.

On Helpful Games there are two types of speech you may hear. When your device has a built-in speech synthesis it will be used, but if no native support is available we will use a slightly simpler speech to play the text. Have your browser no support at all, or if the game’s creators opted out speech to the questions, no icon will appear.

Reading works with the device’s built-in high quality speech synthesis in the devices listed below. It may be invoked with the following clickable audio icon.

  • iOS (iPad, iPhone)
  • Safari on OSX
  • Windows 10 with Microsoft Edge
  • Android

The speech synthesis works with limited quality of the devices below. Playback of limited quality is displayed with the following clickable audio icon.

  • Google Chrome
  • Firefox

The following browser does not support reading of questions and answers:

  • Internet Explorer

If you don’t see a playback button, audio playback of questions isn’t supported by your device. You are advised to use any of the above devices to utilize the speech function. All devices and browsers should be updated to the latest version before using speech synthesis.