The games are locked or not visible

Example of locked game levels

There are three reasons why levels in one or more games are locked when you are logged in as a student.

  1. You are trying to play a game on, but have not signed in as a plus member.
  2. You as a student have a mandatory assignment that you must play before other games or assignments become playable.
  3. Your teacher has chosen that you can only play games via assignments. Ask your teacher for more assignments, or ask to have your student account unlocked.

If public games disappear when you log in, it is because your teacher has chosen that you should only be able to see games that match the grade or level the teacher believes you should have on Helpfulgames. If you think there has been something wrong, you must contact your teacher and ask to have your grade changed or to be unlocked so that you can play all public games on Helpfulgames.