New game types with free text

So far it’s been possible to create games with two types of template games: multiple choice text and multiple choice image. We are now releasing two new templates for you:

Text questions with text answers

Text answer gameHere you can create text based questions, and the student must respond by typing on the keyboard. You choose whether it is case sensitive, or if it doesn’t matter. In addition, you may choose whether the student will get feedback while the response is written, or if it’s hidden. The level gets a little easier if you enable this feedback, because the student may instantly see when a letter is wrong. Here is how it may look like when the student has misspelled the answer:

Text question wrong text answerNotice the give up button. If pressed, the correct answer will be revealed and the student may continue to the next question. However, the round will not be marked ad completed.

Image questions with text answers

These questions work the same way as the text questions described above, but the students also get an image along with the question. The same settings are available for the levels on this type of games as stated above. On the image below the student has written the correct answer:

Image question correct answerPlease make your games publicly available!