Clear visual feedback in free text games

It is not really new functionality, but now it is much clearer how many chances the student has when a question has to be answered with free text. If the student has 4 chances, 3 hearts are displayed which disappear […]

New game type – Link Up

If you are a teacher, you now can create your own game where the student will link questions with the right answers. You can upload images, audio and video and choose whether the texts can be read aloud or not. […]

Create questions with hidden text

We have now upgraded the game types multiple-choice questions and questions with free text answers by making it possible to hide either the question text and / or the answer options. When they are hidden, you can only listen to […]

Several correct answers

In the game type with free text answers, it is now possible to enter up to 3 correct answers. Before, you as a game creator had to enter only 1 correct answer. That usually works well, but sometimes we need […]

New word game and game type

Now there is a new type of game where you have to figure out a hidden English word. The game is similar to Mastermind where the player must figure out color codes. Here it’s English words that must be figured […]

Memory with speech synthesis

One of our popular game types has now become even better. Game levels with memory can now be created with read-out speech synthesis of text. This makes language learning better as the student gets the opportunity to practice pronunciation and […]

Improved speech synthesis

We have now made a big improvement in the speech synthesis for reading out questions and answers on Helpful Games. We now use the same speech synthesis regardless of which device you use, which means that your students will be […]

Cancel a game round

There are several ways to cancel a game round, but now most games have a button called Cancel which cancels the entire game round regardless of how many questions the student has answered. The result is saved as usual as […]