New game type – Link Up

Link up. Here Spanish to English monhts.

If you are a teacher, you now can create your own game where the student will link questions with the right answers. You can upload images, audio and video and choose whether the texts can be read aloud or not. A tip is to first create a game of the type multiple choice questions. Then copy the game level to a new game level of the type Link Up. Then you can go ahead and copy that game level to a new game level of the type text questions with free text answers. Then the student gets three levels to play with increased difficulty.

There are many settings to make:

  • Choose when the student should get feedback on their links: before submission or after.
  • Choose how many attempts a student should get in each round.
  • Choose how many links to select in each game round. If you fill in more questions, they will be treated as a question bank and then the selected number of questions / answers from the question bank is randomly picked each game round.
  • Choose which language the speech synthesis should be in. Or opt out of speech synthesis if it does not fit the question or answer.
  • Select whether the game level is to be played on time.

Here are examples of games that have been updated with levels with the new game type:

Months in Spanish

Writing numbers in words

(Select levels called Link Up in the games above.)