Duplicate levels in your own games

Many have requested a feature to duplicate or clone a game level to a new game level. It can be convenient when you use time constraints and want to make the levels harder and harder or with fewer and fewer […]

Save games you like

Now you can save the games you like here on Helpful Games. When you’re playing a game you want to save, click the button in the shape of a heart beneath the scoreboard. The game will then show up in […]

Login is passed through to Elevspel

If you are logged in to Helpful Games.com and click on one of the buttons to play a game in Swedish on our sister-site Elevspel.se, you will continue to be logged in. You will not have to log in again […]

Merge student accounts

Now you can merge two student accounts. This may be useful if someone has accidentally created two accounts and already started collecting knowledge points on both accounts. Learn more about how to merge student accounts in our help center.

Generate new username for existing student

Now it’s possible to generate a new username for an already created student user. If a student eg gets a protected identity or for any other reason changes his name, the username should also be changed because it has been […]

Import student rosters from Excel

If you want to add an entire class to Helpful Games, you can now start from an Excel template and create accounts for all your students at once. The function is called Create student accounts from Excel and you will […]

Public top charts

Now, as a student, you can see your place on top charts on Helpful Games. You’ll find the top charts¬†when you sign in and click on Top charts: As a teacher or parent you can choose to hide the top […]

Create your own memory game

A new template for user games has now become available. You can now create your own matching card memory game with either text, image or both text and image. You can also select the number of cards that will be […]

New game template with image markups

On Helpful Games, everyone can create their own games. We create templates that you can then easily use to create your games. Now we have made a new game template called Image markups. You upload a large image and then […]