Copy a game level to another game type

When creating your own game, there are several different game types to choose from for you to create interesting and appropriate game levels. Once you have created a game level, you can now copy the content of that game level to a new game level and at the same time choose to change (or keep) the game type. To duplicate a game level to a new game level of another game type follow this guide:

  1. Log in as teacher or parent.
  2. Go to My games and select an existing game or create a new game.
  3. Create a first game level, if you are creating a new game.
  4. Click on the duplicate button on the created game level, see below.
  5. Choose whether you want the same or a new game type for the new game level, see below.
  6. Edit the new game level to make it look the way you want. Click OK to close the game level.
  7. Then click Save to save your new game level in the game.