Using special character

Apostrophe (‘)

When you play on Helpful Games and the answer you write contains an apostrophe, use a straight apostrophe. If you use the wrong apostrophe, you will fail.

On most devices, the regular apostrophe key gives a straight apostrophe. On a Windows computer, Chromebook and Mac, you’ll find it to the left of the Enter key (and to the right of Ä). On Android, it is the apostrophe that is most visible. If you switch to number mode, it is usually there, but it can also be available as an option on the exclamation point or period keys (varies slightly between different models and versions). If you use iOS and especially iPad please use the apostrophe that is available as an option on the comma key (hold down the button to bring up options).

Feel free to contact us if you write the above special characters in a different way. Do not forget to write what device you’re using (computer / tablet / phone, model + version) and browser (version).