Invite a colleague to your group

On Helpful Games, it is easy to collaborate with colleagues. To achieve this, you should invite (or be invited by) other teachers to groups. This is how you can invite another teacher to one of your groups:

  1. Log in as a teacher.
  2. Click on the Students button.
  3. Click on the group to which you want to invite the teacher. If you do not have a group, you need to first create a group.
  4. Click on the tab Teachers.
  5. Click on the button Invite a teacher. This opens a dialog box where you can enter the teacher’s email address, and then click the Save button to send the request.
  6. Invited teachers will within 15 minutes receive an e-mail with an invitation to your group. The teacher must follow the instructions in the email message on how to accept your invitation to the group. An invitation is also visible on the students and groups page for the invited teacher.
  7. If you want to undo an invitation, you can simply remove that user by clicking on the icon with a trash can next to that teacher’s name.

Remember that all teachers with access to a group also has full access to all students in the group.

If you invited a colleague, that teacher will be able to add her own students to that group. Remember that you can have a maximum of 50 students in total in a group as teachers and 5 students as parents.