Preview game levels as a plus member

We now introduce a feature to preview all the questions and answers on a game level. You must be logged in as a teacher or parent and also have an active plus membership to be able to see all the questions and possible answers. You will find the preview at the following locations:

  1. When you are on a game page and see all game levels as buttons. Click the magnifying glass icon in a button to preview that game level.
  2. When you view, edit or create an assignment for your students. Click on the magnifying glass to preview the selected game level.

If you see the magnifying glass as shown above, it means that you can view at all the questions and answers in that game level, provided you are a plus member.

The games that you can preview are all that are created with our tools for game creation, which the majority of all games are. Our games that dynamically generate the questions can not be previewed, but you will instead see an example of such a question generation.

Learn more about the differences between our types of membership.