Medals on Helpful Games

Now you can, in addition to earn knowledge point, even collect medals. If you finish a level in a game twice, you will get a bronze medal. If you finish a level five times, you will get a silver medal and if you finish it ten times you will get a gold medal. You can see your total number of medals next to the knowledge score board on the right side on all game pages:

Collect medalsIf you click on “Show all results” you may see in which games you’ve earned the medals.

This applies to all levels in all games:

Finish the level Gives you
1 time The level is finished and marked green
2 times You get a bronze medal
5 times You get a silver medal
10 times You get a gold medal

Start collecting medals now! How many gold medals can you get?

Are you a teacher or parent?

As a teacher or parent, you can follow up your students’ collecting of medals. Log in, click on Reports and choose either Students or All Games. Now, there are new columns showing the number of medals your students have earned, both in total and broken down by game. Sort the table by clicking on the title and you have a medal count table for your class!