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Play free English games online. Games that teach you to read and write in English. Do you master the letters, and do you know the order of the letters of the English alphabet? With these playful games, you practice your knowledge of the English language. Here we have collected all the games on the subject English. The games suit preschool, elementary school and all the way up to high school. The games may be sorted by popularity, target group, release date or name.
Play Wh- question words

Wh- question words

Practice on all the Wh- question words. You can make it!
4 game levels. First grade - Second grade
Wh-questions Who What Where
Play Words ending in -ible

Words ending in -ible

Practice these new English -ible words until you master them. I know you can!
5 game levels. Fourth grade - Sixth grade
-ible words Adjectives Adjective endings Vocabulary
Play Vocabulary words - frequently missed

Vocabulary words - frequently missed

High school academic vocabulary game about frequently missed words.
4 game levels. Ninth grade - Eleventh grade and above
Vocabulary Difficult words
Play Words ending in -ably

Words ending in -ably

We are looking at adding the –ably suffix onto English root words to create adverbs.
4 game levels. Third grade - Ninth grade
-ably Suffix Verb Adjective
Play Academic vocabulary (High school)

Academic vocabulary (High school)

Matching Words with synonyms or antonyms in high school level academic vocabulary.
6 game levels. Sixth grade - Eleventh grade and above
Academic vocabulary Synonyms Antonyms Working memory
Play Vocabulary training

Vocabulary training

Learn new English words in this game with hundreds of vocabulary words. A great English training!
39 game levels. Fourth grade - Tenth grade
Vocabulary Reading Spelling
Play Nouns & Adjectives

Nouns & Adjectives

Practice English nouns and adjectives ending in -ant, -ance, or -ancy.
4 game levels. Fourth grade - Sixth grade
Spelling Vocabulary Nouns Adjectives
Play Christmas vocabulary

Christmas vocabulary

ESL students learn basic vocabulary related to Christmas.
4 game levels. Fifth grade - Eleventh grade and above
Christmas Words Vocabulary ESL
Play Match letters - lowercase / uppercase

Match letters - lowercase / uppercase

Improve your matching of letters. Lowercase to uppercase and uppercase to lowercase.
7 game levels. Kindergarten - First grade
Lowercase Uppercase Capital letters Reading foundations
Play Nouns and adjectives ending in -ence and -ency

Nouns and adjectives ending in -ence and -ency

This game will help you to learn English nouns and adjectives ending in -ence and -ency.
4 game levels. Fifth grade - Eleventh grade and above
Nouns Adjectives -ence -ency
Play Numbers from 50 to 100

Numbers from 50 to 100

Learn to identify the numbers in English from 50 to 100 in fun activities.
6 game levels. First grade - Sixth grade
Number Numbers
Play Sight words

Sight words

Practice dolch sight words to increase accuracy and fluency.
2 game levels. Kindergarten - Third grade
Sight words Dolch
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