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Play free Math games online. Math games that will teach you about mathematics, numbers and counting. Practice the basic number perception with an abacus, or practice the four rules of arithmetic. You will learn math in a joyful way by playing these games. Here we have collected all the games on the subject Math. The games suit preschool, elementary school and all the way up to high school. The games may be sorted by popularity, target group, release date or name.
Play Abacus bead recognition

Abacus bead recognition

Abacus numbers and memory. learn number and bead recognition with a game of memory.
2 game levels. Kindergarten - First grade
Abacus Bead recognition Pre-k Kindergarten
Play Sums of two one-digit numbers

Sums of two one-digit numbers

students will be adding one-digit numbers in this game.
4 game levels. First grade - Third grade
Addition 1-digit number
Play Master your fours

Master your fours

A fun way to memorize 4s! Let's practice 4s facts.
2 game levels. Third grade - Fifth grade
Play Division and multiplication of fractions and whole numbers

Division and multiplication of fractions and whole numbers

Solve the math problem! Multiplication and Division of Fractions!
3 game levels. Fourth grade - Sixth grade
Multiplication Division Whole numbers Fractions
Play Volume Concentration

Volume Concentration

Match up the corresponding 3D figure to its volume formula.
3 game levels. Eighth grade - Tenth grade
Volume Formula 3D figures
Play Odd or even numbers

Odd or even numbers

Here you get to practice recognizing even and odd numbers.
6 game levels. First grade - Third grade
Even Odd Numbers
Play Trigonometry Vocabulary

Trigonometry Vocabulary

Practice the six trigonometric functions and other trigonometry definitions.
6 game levels. Fourth grade - Seventh grade
Trigonometry Functions Vocabulary
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Missing a game? Are you a teacher, expert or educating in the subject Math? Please feel free to create your own educational math game with your own questions for a lesson, practice or test. Choose from several different game templates.
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Most played
  1. Memory
    Brain training
  2. Sliding puzzle
    Brain training
  3. Word hunt
  4. Connect 4
    Brain training
  5. Riddles
    Brain training

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