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Don't like game design? No problem! We've prepared several game templates for Math, so you can focus on creating great content instead of layout. No programming or coding required. You use and adjust the templates that have already been created for you:

Cloze test

Guess word

Image markups

Letter grid


Multiple choice

Questions with text answers

You can customize the templates by adding video, audio, speech synthesis, image, extra attempts, time requirements and many other adjustments. This makes your game unique and something your students will want to play! With the templates as a starting point, you can create a challenging quiz, blind map, quiz or a fun homework with a personalized assignment.

How to make a game for Math in 5 easy steps

  1. Choose a game name and write a game description that attracts gamers with curiosity and joy.
  2. Create your own image, or have a unique game image generated.
  3. Choose which grades the game is focusing on.
  4. Create one or more game levels with content. Choose from the already made game templates. Copy a created game level and facilitate your game creation.
  5. Save and share your game in math with your students as assignment or with a direct link! Public games can all be played after review.
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FAQ - Create game

What makes a great math game?

It is important to create games with as many different game levels as possible so that all students find a level that suits them. The most popular created games within Math mainly practices Clock,Analog clock and Numbers, but you are free to create a game about another less common area within the subject such as Product. The most popular math games are made with multiple choice, memory and questions with text answers.

How much does it cost to make a game?

All game templates are available for free, whether you are a plus member or not. This allows you to create a game in math free of charge that is as professional as a paid game. Feel free to make your game public so that it can be played by everyone. Reviewed public games are added to the list of 21 math games already created by other teachers, educators, and experts.

How long should a game round take in math?

Game rounds for all created public games within math takes between 6 seconds and 23 minutes to be completed, but most rounds are finished in about 2 minutes. Try to fill your game levels so they get about the same duration and your game will have the best effect.

How to make it fun to learn math?

To get the most students to find your game fun to play, you need to find appropriate difficulty levels. Experiment, but the statistics show that the easiest math games have levels that are finished about 100 out of 100 game rounds played. The most difficult ones are only finished by 0%, but most of the game levels in Math are finished 62% of all attempts.

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