Colors in French

Choose color
French to English, Multiple choice
Write color
French to English, Questions with text answers
Choose color
English to French, Multiple choice
Write color
English to French, Questions with text answers
Find colors
Letter grid
Color match pairs
Color match pairs
Listen to words, Memory
Color match pairs
Listen to colors, Memory
Color map game
No timelimit, Image markups
Color map game
30 s, no misses, Image markups Difficult
Guess color
2 guesses, Guess word Difficult

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Practice the names of colors in French in multiple game types.

The game Colors in French

Instructions for Colors in French

The following English-French and French-English word game contains the basic colors. This online game will help you learn the name of the colors in French and translate the colors in French from and to English. This language color test consists of several levels of increasing difficulty.

You can listen to the pronunciation for each French color by clicking on the sound icon next to each answer on the first game level.

The colors practiced are: white, black, gray, blue, red, green, yellow, pink, brown, orange, purple.

Level 1, 3

Multiple choiceMultiple choice - On each level you will get up to ten questions with or without images, video and audio tracks. For each question you will get two or three possible answers. Only one of these is correct. It's up to you to find the right answer. If you guess incorrectly, you may try again, but you will not get any knowledge points for that round.

Level 2, 4

Questions with text answersQuestions with text answers - On each level you will get up to ten questions with or without images, videos and audio files. You must type the correct answer by yourself. If you make a mistake, you get to try again until you find the searched word or phrase. Once you figure out the correct answer, you will get knowledge points. If you're having trouble figuring out the correct answer, you can click on the button labelled Give up. It will reveal the correct answer to that specific question, but you will not get any knowledge points for that round.

The game creator may have allowed you to get feedback on your typing. This is indicated by the text box you type in becoming red or green as you type. The game creator has also decided if what you are typing is case-sensitive, i.e. whether upper and lower case letters are important. Both of these settings may vary between the levels, which you'll notice when you play a level. You may be limited to typing or misspelling 0-4 times per question, after which the question is classified as incorrectly answered.

Level 5

Letter gridLetter grid - At each level, you get up to ten words to find on a board consisting of letters in a grid. You'll click and drag with the mouse or use your finger and swipe until the sought word is found. You may find words in any order you want. Once you find all the words you get a knowledge point. If you get stuck, you may click on the Cancel button. The game creator has chosen how the words should be placed on the board, which can be readable words, one line words, curved words or unreadable words. In addition, the game creator may have chosen that the list with the requested words should have shuffled letters. Then you should start by identifying the correct word, which you then should mark on the board as described above. Sometimes clues are shown instead of the words in the list and sometimes there's only masked letters in the list.

Level 6 to 8

MemoryMemory - Find the two cards that belongs to each other. Sometimes it's the same card and sometimes there are different cards that belong together, which depends on how this memory was created. The game is finished when all card pairs have been found and the memory has no more cards left.

Level 9 to 10

Image markupsImage markups - At each level, you can see a picture with up to 10 questions. Each question should be answered by selecting the correct dot in the image. Only one of the dots is correct. It is for you to find the right dot in the picture. If your guess is wrong, you may try again, but you will not get any knowledge points for that round.

Level 11

Guess wordGuess word - Here you have to figure out the hidden word or sentence by choosing letters in the alphabet. If the chosen letter is in the requested word, the letter is shown in all the correct places in the letter slots. If the letter is not in the word, either a balloon bursts or a heart is broken, depending on game settings by the creator. If you manage to guess the right letters and find the word before you run out of balloons / hearts, you've won the game round. Sometimes there are clues that may help you guess the word and sometimes you need to find the word within a certain amount of time.

Calculation of knowledge points

Each completed game level gives 1 knowledge point in Colors in French. The maximum number of points (11 knowledge points) is achieved when you pass all 11 levels. You'll get a bronze medal when you complete a level 2 times and a silver medal after 5 completed rounds. A gold medal will be received after 10 completed rounds. In Colors in French, the maximum number of collectable gold medals is 11. You only earn knowledge points for levels that has not been cleared before. A cleared level has a green background above. Even when you have completed a level, you can continue practicing at that level, but it gives you no more knowledge points.

Additional game information

Target group
Eighth grade - Eleventh grade and above
Colors Adjectives Pronunciation
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Helpful Games
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There are a total of 17 comments on this knowledge game.

8 March 2021 07:03
its good also fun to remember them.
18 February 2021 15:30
This game is fun but it's trigering
10 February 2021 10:50
this game is realy fun it helps a lot in french
27 January 2021 19:43
this so fun but LVL 8 and 6 is hard
18 January 2021 20:11
i love all the french games. thay are fun evrythin
18 January 2021 14:55
i love this gam but level 9 is hard
20 November 2020 21:48
I love this game!levl 1 is so hard.
9 July 2020 11:18
I you up and hate level 8 😤😤😤😤
No one
17 June 2020 02:11
Cool game , helps my brother learn
15 June 2020 13:03
i love this game it helps me and gives me confident when i am doing my french lessons at school i think now the coulors are right because if not i have wasted my time chosing this website!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!:( :)
24 April 2020 00:15
I love this game it helped me to read clouds I french
Daniel Lind
20 April 2020 13:21
UNKNOWN: Thank you for pointing that out. The game used some less commonly used names for purple and brown (pourple and brun). I have now updated the game to use the most commonly used names for those colors in French (violet for purple and marron for brown).
20 April 2020 11:28
who made this game they are good mini French games but they're really bad when some of the colors aren't right for eg: purple=violet brown=marron. so I don't recommend this game to anyone who wants to learn French. in other words it is rubbish. :)
Daniel Lind
19 March 2020 13:12
Lewis: I can't see what's wrong with the two colors. Could you explain further? Perhaps even contact us with the info. :)
19 March 2020 11:03
I don't recommend this game Brown and purple are wrong
Daniel Lind
7 October 2019 08:14
Rhia: Thanks for commenting this game. What color and level were you playing? I can't find anything wrong.
6 October 2019 14:52
Colors were not right

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