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Play Sliding puzzle

Sliding puzzle

Kindergarten - Tenth grade
  • Strategy
  • Logical thinking
Can you arrange the puzzle pieces so that the picture is complete? A classic and clever game for kids!
Play Hazard pictograms

Hazard pictograms

Fourth grade - Eleventh grade and above
  • Health
  • Environment
  • Hazard pictograms
  • GHS
Practice the hazard symbols found on chemical products. What does the pictogram mean?
Play Periodic table

Periodic table

Ninth grade - Eleventh grade and above
  • Periodic Table
  • Elements
  • Metals
  • Non-metals
Learn chemical elements and groups in the periodic table of elements.
Play US government concepts

US government concepts

Sixth grade - Eighth grade
  • US government
  • Political principles
  • Preamble
  • Documents
What do you know about the US Government? Find out in this game about the government concepts.
Play Keyboard typing

Keyboard typing

Second grade - Tenth grade
  • Keyboard layout
  • Touch typing
  • Correct fingering
  • Spelling
Practice typing on the keyboard. Being able to write correctly and quickly on the keyboard is important to use a computer to write texts. Here you can practice keyboard typing and are assisted when yo
Play Keyhunt


First grade - Tenth grade
  • Keyboard layout
  • Touch typing
  • Correct fingering
  • Responsiveness
Improve your speed or responsiveness and fingering on your keyboard. Practice on your computer, tablet or mobile keyboard.
Play Dance styles

Dance styles

Sixth grade - Eleventh grade and above
  • Dance types
  • Dance styles
Learn to recognize common dance styles based on description and image.
Play Famous dancers

Famous dancers

Seventh grade - Eleventh grade and above
  • Dancers
  • Celebrities
  • People
The game learn the student to recognize internationally known dancers.
Play ABLE (suffix)

ABLE (suffix)

Third grade - Ninth grade
  • Suffix
  • -able
  • Adjective
These games will help you to remember when to apply the suffix -able in English.
Play Academic vocabulary (High school)

Academic vocabulary (High school)

Sixth grade - Eleventh grade and above
  • Academic vocabulary
  • Synonyms
  • Antonyms
  • Working memory
Matching Words with synonyms or antonyms in high school level academic vocabulary.
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