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Play Halloween memory

Halloween memory

Practice your memory with pictures related to Halloween.
7 game levels. Kindergarten - Eleventh grade and above
Halloween Memory
Play Memory


Practice your brain with this memory game. There are several difficulty levels in the game, and the goal is to find and pair the images.
8 game levels. Kindergarten - Tenth grade
Memory Strategy
Play Riddles


Test your thinking skills with this fun lesson on English riddles!
5 game levels. First grade - Eleventh grade and above
Riddles English Brainteaser Logic
Play Sliding puzzle

Sliding puzzle

Can you arrange the puzzle pieces so that the picture is complete? A classic and clever game for kids!
12 game levels. Kindergarten - Tenth grade
Strategy Logical thinking
Play Hazard pictograms

Hazard pictograms

Practice the hazard symbols found on chemical products. What does the pictogram mean?
4 game levels. Fourth grade - Eleventh grade and above
Health Environment Hazard pictograms GHS
Play Periodic table

Periodic table

Learn chemical elements and groups in the periodic table of elements.
19 game levels. Ninth grade - Eleventh grade and above
Periodic Table Elements Metals Non-metals
Play US government concepts

US government concepts

What do you know about the US Government? Find out in this game about the government concepts.
5 game levels. Sixth grade - Eighth grade
US government Political principles Preamble Documents
Play Keyboard typing

Keyboard typing

Practice typing on the keyboard. Being able to write correctly and quickly on the keyboard is important to use a computer to write texts. Here you can practice keyboard typing and are assisted when yo
80 game levels. Second grade - Tenth grade
Keyboard layout Touch typing Correct fingering Spelling
Play Keyhunt


Improve your speed or responsiveness and fingering on your keyboard. Practice on your computer, tablet or mobile keyboard.
23 game levels. First grade - Tenth grade
Keyboard layout Touch typing Correct fingering Responsiveness
Play Dance styles

Dance styles

Learn to recognize common dance styles based on description and image.
2 game levels. Sixth grade - Eleventh grade and above
Dance types Dance styles
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  5. Riddles
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