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Games about French


French is one of the major Romance languages ??and is regarded as a world language. Take the chance to play these French games so that you can speak, read and write French.
Games about Geography


Geography describes how the Earth's surface look like, explain why it looks the way it does and puts it in relation to how human activity affects and is affected by the earth. Practice this in these geography games.
Games about German


German is a Germanic language and is the second largest language in Europe. Take the chance to play these German games so that you can speak, read and write German.
Games about History


History creates a coherent presentation of past events that are of importance to man. The subject history is large so start playing these history games now.
Games about Home and consumer studies

Home and consumer studies

Home and consumer studies is about food, health, environment, lifestyle, consumption and money. It is important areas that are practiced in these games.
Games about Math


Math games that will teach you about mathematics, numbers and counting. Practice the basic number perception with an abacus, or practice the four rules of arithmetic. You will learn math in a joyful way by playing these games.
Games about Music


Music is found everywhere and music affects us physically as well as mentally and emotionally.
Games about Other languages

Other languages

Knowledge of several languages increases your opportunity to be part of different social and cultural context and to participate in a globalized student and working life. Take the chance to play our games in other languages.
Games about Other subjects

Other subjects

Other subjects are a category of games where games that do not fit in the other categories are placed.
Games about Physical education

Physical education

Physical education is very important both for the individual health and for public health. Practice yourself in these sport games and health games.
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  5. Riddles
    Brain training

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