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Play Memory


Practice your brain with this memory game. There are several difficulty levels in the game, and the goal is to find and pair the images.
6 game levels. Kindergarten - Tenth grade
Memory Strategy

Memory with speech synthesis

One of our popular game types has now become even better. Game levels with memory can now be created with read-out speech synthesis of text. This makes language learning better as the student gets the opportunity to practice pronunciation and use ...
Games about Brain training

Brain training

Educational games that train your brain by exercising your memory, perception and analytical and creative thinking.

Create your own memory game

A new template for user games has now become available. You can now create your own matching card memory game with either text, image or both text and image. You can also select the number of cards that will be available in each game round. Here is ...
Play Halloween memory

Halloween memory

Practice your memory with pictures related to Halloween.
7 game levels. Kindergarten - Eleventh grade and above
Halloween Memory
Play Alphabet memory

Alphabet memory

Game to help students learn uppercase and lowercase alphabet.
10 game levels. Kindergarten - First grade
Memory Alphabet Letters Reading
Play Multiplication memory

Multiplication memory

Practice multiplication with times tables in this memory game where you should match an expression with the right product.
10 game levels. Third grade - Seventh grade
Multiplication Times tables Mental arithmetic Memory training
Play Copycat


Press the colors in the correct order! You only have one chance to copy the sequence!
28 game levels. Kindergarten - Tenth grade
Play Diphthongs


Memory game that tests a student's knowledge of diphthong sounds.
3 game levels. First grade - Sixth grade
Diphthongs Spelling Decoding Sounds
Play QU, X, Y and Z memory

QU, X, Y and Z memory

Practice words that use the sounds of qu, x, y, and z.
4 game levels. Kindergarten - Fifth grade
Long-term memory Rehearsal Phonemic awareness Phonemes
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